Ruby lips

spill toxic words,

thorny kiss,

frosty daggers, 

piercing heart and marrow.

Looks deceive.

Photo by Laura Salas - frost on berries


Winter's preview:

breaths' swirling smoke,

frosty kisses,

trees stripped bare–

Hot chocolate & sweaters, 



* * * * * * *

15 Words or Less Poems button Two…two for the price of one!  This week's photo prompt for Laura's "15 Words or Less Poems" could hold me hostage a while, it's gorgeous!  It's funny to me how photographs inspire me, though…these poems came fast and furious, but I couldn't quite manage a child-like voice (which Laura encouraged this week, at least for herself).  

Your turn:  Wanna try your own "15 Words"?  DO share in comments or let me know your thoughts about mine!  

Photo credit:  Laura Salas





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