Is it just me or can a n y o n e else out there go from top of the world to bottom of the barrel in a heart beat and for no apparent reason? 

Is it simply the tortured artist(wannabe)/creative that lives within?

Can we chalk it up to hormones for the pre-menopausal woman?

Could it be Satan (which suddenly reminds me of the Church Lady…don't judge me)?

Please tell me I'm not the only one who has so much to be grateful for, but can suddenly be gripped in the stronghold of defeat, almost paralyzed with feelings of insecurity and unworthiness.

I do believe this is a battle begun and fought in the spritual realm, but I–we–have to live it in real time, don't we?

Might I offer a few things to encourage you?

[1]  My friend Dawn is in the middle of a month-long series, 31 Days of Encouragement.  Today she is asking readers for two things:

  • If they're bloggers, to share a post of encouragement through a linky on her site.
  • To send cards to fill encouragement baskets for Edie (who lost her home and EVERYTHING in it) just prior to Christmas (Edie's perspective is nothing short of inspiring); and to Dana, whose heartbreaking story of the tragic death of her son following an accident at home will compel you to send a card.  PLEASE don't walk away from this beautiful chance to encourage two women whose circumstances are unimaginable.

PrayerCoffee254x402 [2]  If you're one of the 500 amazing women (ok, there will be a few guys 🙂 ) attending Blissdom, please make plans to attend our Unofficial, Unsponsored Prayer Coffee on Friday morning

Blog conferences can be very discouraging–it's easy to fall into the wicked game of comparisons where "everyone" seems to be more accomplished than you, or that "everyone" is in a closed clique, or you're all alone in a crowd.  Certainly there are people who are insulated from these insecurities, but setting our mine collectively on Christ, recalibrating our focus, sitting at the feet of the One who knows us best and loves us the most and uniting with sisters in prayer, that will set the stage for keeping our blogs in perspective and realigning our minds on Him.  Please add your name to our growing link of attendees so we can plan adequate food. 

(THANKS to the (in)courage ladies for allowing us to use their Beach Party space and to Lindsey Nobles and Thomas Nelson for providing us coffee and bagels!)

[3]  Immerse yourself in life-words that remind you…

* * * * * * *

These are just a start; there are countless other ways to be encouraged–why not share your thoughts in comments?  Your words might be exactly what someone needs to hear!



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