Baby picture smiling I've always been a smiler.

In grainy black and white images from my youngest years, evolving to grainy matte finished images from a Kodak Instamatic, I always mugged for the camera like my parents were paparazzi. 

Even when I was snaggled toothed.  

Smiling in front of Christmas tree
when my my front two teeth rivaled Bugs Bunny, disproportional to the rest and with a gap I could slurp soup and spaghetti through.  

Even when my mouth was full of metal, and sweet mercy, I had to wear full headgear!  Talk about your modern torture device…!  I wouldn't allow it at the time, but what I wouldn't pay now for a photograph of me then; not pretty, but an important determiner to the smile I would eventually have.   Sixth grade, smiling with braces

Remember that feeling when you finally got your braces off?  Mmmmm…I ran my tongue over my teeth for days!

Smiling exudes confidence.  Your outer countenance can even affect how you feel on the inside (though I know the opposite is true, too).  

Making eye contact and smiling at others can brighten their day with almost no effort.  

Smiling causes fewer wrinkles than frowning.  Is this true?  Or am I just perpetuating myth? 

A person's smile is one of the first things I notice about them.  It's probably the biggest factor in why we've invested a not-so-small fortune in our children's teeth.  The two oldest are missing 14 permanent teeth between them; at least one has required bone grafting (gruesome); they will require five dental implants; all three of our children have worn traditional metal braces.  

Our children's smiles are important investments from us as parents; we know that throughout their lives straight teeth will strengthen their confidence and have long-term health benefits–physical and emotional.

I bet they'll never give that thought.  

Well, not until they have children of their own with crooked teeth ;). 

Smiling in my Princess Dress! :)

* * * * * * * * * * 

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Watch this fun video from a few moms talking about smiles and instilling self confidence in children, then click over to Blissfully Domestic to learn the FIVE DIFFERENT WAYS you can enter the contest!!

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Thanks to Invisalign and Bliss Media for sponsoring this post and getting me thinking about the importance–and beauty–of smiling.

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