Seth Godin's header The man haunts my inbox on a daily basis–sometimes more than once a day–and he's one of the most highly regarded authors and speakers on the planet.  While he commands a king's ransom for speaking engagements (serving a purpose beyond a paycheck) I see him as a generous giver and an E.F. Hutton of his time.

When Seth Godin speaks, people listen.  

Read today's post and golf applause with me.  (Plus, I appreciate the fact he's been Typepad loyal in spite of the mad rush to WordPress in recent years….)  

One degree of separation is likely the closest I'll ever get to Seth; my fellow (in)courage contributor and amazing author/friend Annie was one of a handful of brilliant people selected to participate in his week-long MBA Alternative last year.  Her future is altered as a result, but it was no mistake she was chosen.

In spite of my admiration for Seth's writing and speaking prowess, it's utterly hilarious to me that while I am shopping for a friend's birthday present, upon stumbling across a new-to-me line of cards and trinkets, it's HIM–a complete stranger!–I find myself thinking about when I see a vintage picture of a group of women in bathing suits–

Tribes, Jane Howard quote ~ Borealis Press
And, that my friends, is the force and phenom of social media.

Seriously, if you're in business and aren't familiar with Seth Godin, you need to be. Here are a few titles to getcha started!

* * *

In case you can't see the Borealis press magnet, its quote by Jane Howard reads, "Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family.  Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one."

Photo credit:  Header from Seth's blog.

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