…the little things that make a face your face, except of course in this instance we're talking my face since when I look in the mirror I see me–a chicken pox scar, two cherry angiomas, a mole and a beauty mark…and I wonder (for those of you who know me) if you see them or if they're so much a part of my face–the one I've had as long as I can remember–that you really don't notice them at all.

Two of those marks (imperfections?) I like (is that weird?); the others I'd get rid of in a skinny minute if I could.  

My favorite is the little beauty mark.  I think it's just above the right side of my lip but since I'm not actually looking in a mirror, I can't remember for sure.  It's felt tip marker dot size, and when I was little I didn't like it at all; somewhere during the Cindy Crawford/Madonna years I decided it was acceptable, good even….do I dare admit sexy?

My second favorite feature, once hidden beneath a hedge of thick, unruly eyebrows, is my chicken pox scar 

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IMAG1384 Yikes!  Five minutes goes FAST!  I don't even have time to complete a second thought!  Lisa-Jo, aka The Gypsy Mama, hosts a five-minute writing prompt on Fridays and this week's challenge began "When I look in the mirror I see…."   I thought about the subject for a few minutes before beginning; my initial thoughts were deeper seated and I didn't think I'd want to stop at five minutes, sooo, I kept it surface level.  Literal.  I did not look in a mirror before writing but I did take a picture after and I realized my beauty mark is on the left side.  Go figure….I couldn't even accurately describe myself to a police sketch artist :).  

Be sure to visit Lisa-Jo's site for her writing response and everyone else who joined in this week.  It's fun, fast and a great way to cross paths with some new writers!



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