I'm back from a long weekend in the place where my marriage was infant-nurtured, my babies were conceived and loved by a hundred mamas, and that still feels like going home though I wasn't born there.  Well-familiar faces give me reason to add to my thanks this morning.

41.  The unexpected friend who appeared when it felt like the world walked out.

42.  The friend who taught me a memorable lesson in generosity.

43.  The friend God used to illustrate "It's not about me."

44.  The friend who never told me what I wanted to hear but what I needed to.

45.  The friend who convinced me that anything is possible.

46.  The friend who showed me appearances are deceiving, differences don't matter so much and love is more desirable than riches.

47.  The friend whose enthusiasm, excitement and encouragement is measured in time and intent.

48.  The friend who always gives me reason to laugh.

49.  The friend who inspires me with creativity and beauty.

50.  The friend who reminded me that it's more about your present and future than it is about your past.

It was a great weekend….

(I wonder if each could identify her/himself in my characterization… :))


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