One Thousand Gifts ~ Multitudes on Monday

I'm a lover of words and delight in those who string them together like exquisite pearls or even a chunky beaded necklace; I suppose this is why I'm inclined to share my own on this corner of the web.

But word economy is not my strength!  Though I think I've gotten a little better tightening prose through the years, I still struggle with packing dynamite in small packages.  Oh, how I admire those who do!

I suppose this is why I often take pictures of signs with my cell phone.  But it's not only about brevity, "good" signs make me think or laugh; they inspire or sometimes call me to action.  Sometimes they stir memory.

This morning I find myself grateful for a few that have recently crossed my path; everyone of them tells a story :).


51.  Artistic expression.

52.  A quick get-away with my husband.

53.  Seeing beauty through another's perspective.



(Captured by my sweet friend Rachel, A Southern Fairytale)

54.  A reminder to carpe diem!  Better yet, carpe momentum!!

55.  My life–the good, the bad, and even the ugly.

56.  This day, every day, to rejoice and be glad.



57.  A country that values freedom and responsibility.

58.  Those who defend my country.

59.  Those who've given their life for my freedom.



60.  Modern conveniences.

61.  Good manners and common courtesies.

62.  Humor in unexpected places.



63.  Neighbors.

64.  Regarding others more highly than myself.

65.  Working for free.


66.  The hard things that shape us.

67.  Pithy little sayings.

68.  Understanding the difference between needs and wants.


69.  Dark chocolate with almonds.

70.  Perspective.

71.  Word treasure hunts.

72.  My nieces and nephews.

73.  Family celebrations.

74.  The unique, distinct and diverse personalities of each person in my family, and how they all have effect on me.



You're invited to join this community offering of gratitude with multitudes on mondays, hosted by the grace-filled Ann Voskamp.

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