Karen-WalrondI can only spell it when I cheat, and I'm too scared to pronounce it out loud, but Karen Walrond's blog Chookooloonks is one of my favorites.  Her words infuse me with so much positive energy I'm quite certain one day I might spontaneously combust.  In addition, poignant, inspiring and almost a battle cry, her book The Beauty of Different is style, substance…and deeply affecting.

Much of Karen's writing focuses on real beauty, inner beauty, and it was only a matter of time until I found a way to incorporate her wisdom into a post at Therapon's site, The Skinny.  Start reading below but please continue through the jump–there's an inspiring video and companion list of her "top ten ways to show the world how beautiful you really are."

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Karen Walrond has super powers.

Her super power is to make sure that you know you have super powers. In her stunning book, The Beauty of Different, Karen casts light on real beauty, those things unique to individual; the things that we sometimes forget are important, defining…and beautiful. Through her encouragement as a blogger, author and speaker, Karen helps us to see with fresh eyes the breathtaking significance of our differences.

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Don't stop reading now! 
An inspiring video awaits after the jump at The Skinny!


Photo credit from Mom it Forward.

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