StarsEarly on in blogging, before there were such things as intention beyond spilling random thought, building your brand, or sponsored posts and giveaways, when everyone read everyone else’s blog and actually commented (gasp!), before Facebook and Twitter and vanity URLs…

I had a blogging friend named Ree who wrote about livin’ la vida loca, ranch-style.

There was a loosely-held community, bound by an affection for sharing words and life, and we really got to know each other, the way you can when you’re channeling each others’ thoughts on a daily basis.  My community’s cast of characters included a wonderfully-endearing, dyslexic Coloradan who I think lives in a swamp, the first person who started commenting to me with some regularity (and I thought she was an oil baroness), her mother who sometimes painted masterpieces with words, a fabulous photographer, a curmudgeonly, ardently-cussy (& ultimately loveable) Australian, some mommy bloggers from Texas (including the pre-bloggess Bloggess)…and a pioneer womanThe Pioneer Woman.  There were others in the mix, but many have long since stopped blogging or we’ve moved on.

Back in those days I religiously read every. single. person. who commented to my blog, and not only did I reply to their comment, I’d visit their blog and leave long, lovely comments to their posts.  It took a lot of time ~ all my time ~ and eventually in the pursuit of Life Balance, I became a sucky commenter (and for the most part killed a lively, ragamuffin community).

My mornings always began with my first cup of coffee and reading Pioneer Woman, a habit that lasted for years.  I still read her wonderful blog but with less regularity.

This morning I popped in on PW, delighted to find her entire post written in haiku!  If you follow me on Twitter and happen to see my early morning tweets, you already know I start most days with a little poem, more often than not, haiku.  Haiku composition demands word economy ~ not my strong suit ~ AND I love the creative prompt to begin my day.

So…when I read Ree’s post, my heart burst into song and tiny cartoon hearts danced around my head!  I was compelled to reply with my own haiku, then promptly popped over to Twitter where I published this morning’s daily poem, I think one of my favorites.

obsidian sky

diamond-sprinkled black velvet

softly kisses dawn


Haikus make me happy.  Haikus are FUN to write!  Haikus spark creativity for greater good!  Yes, yes–haikus can make your day BETTER!  Won’t you share one with me right now?  What are you waiting for?  Giddy-up!!


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