Starbucks coffee blends
Love Starbucks because their Jedi Mind Tricks have worked and you think it's the best coffee in the world?

Hate Starbucks because of their marketing prowess in convincing you it's WORTH $5 for a 1.5-ounce shot of espresso in your favorite coffee drink?

Either way, they're inviting you to taste their new Blonde (presumably lighter) Roast at the "Find the Roast You Love Most" event, today through Saturday, January 14th.  Then you can drive over to Canada sometime between February 9-11 and receive another free sampling.  

Some people would say it's totally worth the trip.  I, for one, have always thought Starbucks coffee tasted like licking an ashtray - to which my husband always asks, "And WHEN have you licked an ashtray?!" – and it's no temptation to abandon my ….  (Except I love Sbux caramel macchiatos, but I drink them sparingly because of a) the calories, b) the cost, c) principle. ish.)

However, Blonde Coffee?  Veranda Blend?  Will gentlemen prefer this roast?  Is it a slight towards redheads and brunettes?  If Starbucks' other blends are "dark" and "medium" why isn't this "light"?  And are we supposed to drink it on a porch in the South?   So many questions to ponder…!

Well, something about it does sound fun, so I think I will take 'em up on their offer.  


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