Even my husband questioned some of my clues, so here's the 4-1-1 on their significance:

Clue #1 ~ Pachelbel's canon in D Major:  German composer

Clue #2 ~ A Bavarian cream-filled doughnut

Clue #3 ~ Levi's jeans, invented by Levi Strauss, born in Germany.

Clue #4 ~ a BMW aka Bavarian Motor Works

Clue #5 ~ Ben Crenshaw putting on Bernhard Langer's Green Jacket after he won the Masters in Augusta, GA.  Langer is the most famous German golfer.

Clue #6 ~ My one word for 2012:  Adventure.  Hello???  For all the reasons in my (in)courage post and more, this year is shaping up to be a little crazy….

Clue #7 ~ Black, red and yellow crayons, the colors of the German flag.

Clue #8 ~ Lufthansa jet, Euros & a Metric Conversion chart; we'll need them ALL less than a month from now…

And all combine to explain The Year of Living Dangerously...!


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