Have you given much thought to the strength of sense-memory?  How a particular smell can immediately bring to mind people, places or events in your life?

Though I demanded very little in the planning of my wedding, I just had to have gardenias in my bridal bouquet. Out of season and costly, my florist allowed three. To the sentimentalist in me, that delicately scrumptious flower paid homage to my childhood and celebrated my Southern roots.

But mostly it honored my grandmother.

* * * * * * * * *

Continue reading at {in}courage where you'll see how in the world I mashed up Grandmothers, Gardenias and Goodness…and not only my wedding bouquet but what I looked like as a blushing bride*.


* For some reason I wanted to be tan on my wedding day, despite it being the middle of November and NOT going anywhere tropical for our honeymoon.  I stuck out like a bronzed sore thumb among my wedding party, and ever-after that decision left me shaking my head at my young, irrational self.  

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