I hope YOU'LL join in!!

Like many of you, my cell phone is an extension of my hand; not because I'm particularly talky, texty or twittery, but because I never know when a photo op will present itself.  While it's important to savor those special moments you never see coming, for someone as visual as me, I'm thankful there's a way to capture them in a photo to enjoy again later.

That's one of the reasons I think Instagram caught on so quickly–following family and friends, we're able to celebrate those special moments with those we love and care about…and sometimes see absolutely magical photography.

I'm a fan of writing and photo prompts.  Sometimes, a stated theme is just the thing I need to free the most stubborn of writer's block.  Where photography is concerned, well, I just love beautifully composed and captured pictures.  And both types of prompts allow me to consider other points of views and perspectives along the same idea.

I love that.

Recently I enjoyed instagram photo prompts by Karen Walrond/Chookooloonks' (#instacamp) and Leigh Standley/Curly Girl Designs (scavenger hunts); and whenever I can, I join Lisa Jo for Five Minute Fridays.  Even though I usually write for 10-15 minutes, for me that IS fast, furious, and a means to complete a thought in one sitting (not how I typically write ~ smile ~).

Another wildly fun photo prompt is  [this month's]PhotoADay by FatMumSlim; she provides a monthly list of daily categories and participants tag their pictures so those who are interested can search the day's theme.  To see another's interpretation of the theme helps me to become a better photographer, to see with new eyes.

Often I capture a picture that doesn't happen to fit any category or photo prompt, but it's one I'd like share because IT'S SIX SHADES OF AWESOME.  Like this one– 

Munich Subway

Plain train, no automobiles….

The color, the leading lines, the movement, the POV–EVERYthing about this picture makes me happy!  

Which is why I'm throwing out a weekly photo prompt for those who would like to join me:  #Instafaves

For anyone with a Droid or iPhone, throughout the week simply tag your instagram photos with #Instafaves; on Fridays I'll publish some of my favorites from the thread.  Also, compose a post with your top faves on your blog or Facebook page and then link it here to share with others.  Easy peasy, right?

Holla if you have questions, but for now will you help spread the word?  Start tagging your pictures with #instafaves (be sure to add the "s") and I cannot WAIT to see YOUR favorites!  

Here's a smaller graphic if you'd like to include it in a post, FB update or your sidebar.  And THANK YOU!!!  


Here's the code to copy and embed, sidebar sized:

<a style="display: inline;" title="Instafaves by Robin Dance" href="http://www.pensieve.me/instafaves/" target="_self"><img style="display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;" title="Rsz_waterlily-instagram" src="http://pensieve.typepad.com/.a/6a00d8341c61d153ef01761613c01d970c-800wi" border="0" alt="Rsz_waterlily-instagram" /></a>


Or a larger size for a post:

Instafaves with Robin Dance


<a style="display: inline;" title="Instafaves with Robin Dance" href="http://www.pensieve.me/instafaves/" target="_self"><img style="width: 425px;" title="Instafaves with Robin Dance" src="http://pensieve.typepad.com/.a/6a00d8341c61d153ef017742f9d4a7970d-450wi" alt="Instafaves with Robin Dance" /></a>


Hope you'll join in beginning this Friday!!

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