There is this moment, this really good moment, and I want to capture it the way you can hold memory forever in a picture.  


We're just riding, leaving the place she had chosen for her birthday dinner, where fate would have it that it was just a mother-daughter celebration.  I don't think either of us minded it, the lack of testosterone, though at first it had made me sad. 

We freeze during our meal–you'd think by now we would remember to bring a sweater, but nooo, neither of us remembers to remind the other.  So we freeze.  Good food helps us not to mind so much.

Sarah Jane, our waitress, made the night that much better; isn't it amazing that a human can make such a difference if she wants to?  It doesn't take that much more effort, but good will and kindness changes everything and I hold that tight and fast and hope I've pressed that into my children.  

So, we're in the car, headed home, and we're still freezing, and it hits me who's in the car with me–and I know she wants it as bad as me!  It's the middle of August in the South and after sunset it's 81°and I show her my arm and my shivering insides are revealed in gooseflesh and hair standing at attention and she declares, "WE ARE THE SAME PERSON!" and I know what I have to do, so I crank the heater up til it says "High" and we kick off our shoes and bake our feet in my little car oven.

At the same exact time a few minutes later, we hit a wall of suffocation and have to turn it down a bit and I think it's a bit mysterious but marvelous we have identical internal temperatures.

Like I said, it was a really good moment and I want to capture it…sometimes I take pictures with a camera and sometimes I have to use words.



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