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I haven't been this excited about blogging (ohmyword) EVERY DAY for a long, long time. What used to be my modus operandi has long been relegated to past practice.  I'm beyond thrilled to have a good reason:

My friend, Nester, is making me.

If you've followed my blog for the past year, you're probably a little confused.  Am I living in the U.S. or Germany?  Well, I've been intentionally vague, not thrilled about letting the Scary People know my exact travel plans (which makes me especially thankful for our house sitters who give me much peace o' mind).  

I've been collecting, thoughmyLANta, I've been collecting. Memories. Pictures.  Experience and experiences.  Holding my three teenage children hostage for two months this summer without cell phones or having to share them with friends–THAT might be the hightlight of all this for me. 


Don't believe for a second, though, that it's all good. This is not perpetual vacation; this is daily living…and it can be hard.  

But I'm too full and happy and content in t h i s moment to think on those things, and I want to share the richness and beauty of our experience.


I've taken thousands of pictures and shared very few (save Instagram, where I've been known to share a lot), and Nester's 31 Days kick-in-the-tail is just the motivation I've needed.

Now would be the perfect time to subscribe to PENSIEVE if you haven't already (and your Facebook "Likes" or Twitter tweets are like rainbow sprinkles on the icing on the cake).

In addition to my favorite pictures, 31 Days of Europe will include cultures and traditions, Expat and travel tips, destination recommendations and who knows what else?  I'm not exactly one to write posts in advance…and hopefully you'll even learn a thing or two :).  DO ask questions and if I know the answer, I'll feature you in an upcoming post!

I messed up thinking today was the day to begin posting, but we're only introducing our series; tomorrow I'll begin for real with my temporary home state of Bavaria and introduce you to one of our hometown annual events (and favorite things so far!).  

You don't wanna miss it–it's really something special!  




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