Remember when I crashed filming for Tim McGraw's "Truck Yeah" video last month?  And I told you I didn't know how the scene I was part of would work?  

Well, dang it, I was right.  Cutting room floor, I'm afraid.  No extras–not even the fabulous fly girls–made it to the video.

Then, again, despite Tim's studliness, the trucks are the stars of the show.  I fell head over heels for this purple Chevy ~ 


Purple Chevy, Tim McGraw Truck Yeah video

Hello, luvah…


You can see the video in its entirety on youtube.  There were only 67 views the first time I checked, and I bet those were all the other extras with me that day.  

UPDATED:  And if you're looking for the beautiful brunette in Tim McGraw's Truck Yeah video, it's Maria Montgomery.  I loved reading her perspective on the shoot (and how she got the part).

S i g h…there's always next time, right?  

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