IStock_000019118716SmallOne of my favorite things is an extraordinary, everyday miracle.

I'm not speaking of Miracles of Biblical Proportion; rather the simple things that mean little to anyone else and the world to you, and that most people would scoff at and roll their eyes for my diminishing the word "miracle" to something so… w e l l …common.  

Perfect timing is an example.  Sometimes perfect timing is just what you need to get over a hump or to increase your faith or to be encouraged.  Perfect timing can be disguised as a song on the radio or a timely newspaper article or in words of wisdom from a friend.  

Today is my sister's birthday; every so often it happens to fall smack dab on Thanksgiving day.  

This year, we're 5,000 miles from home making it impossible to get together with our extended family.  I'm especially thankful my children are able to be with us; and an added special bonus is having my first cousin living only a few hours away, enabling her to make this a family celebration after all.

So, this morning I woke up to a lengthy kitchen to-do list and a heart full of gratitude for the blessings that filed through my mind.  At the top of my list is my sister, it being her birthday and all; she's a 15-year cancer survivor.  Since our mom died at 38 from breast cancer, we absolutely welcome each birthday we're given, realizing we've both long-surpassed her lifespan.

Lora is my best friend and I cannot imagine life without her.

I absent-mindedly flipped over my (in)courage Day Brightener and before I read the quote for today, I noticed it was one of mine.  ON MY SISSY'S BIRTHDAY!  Every year when I get to November 22, it'll be like we're already celebrating together!! Which probably doesn't make a whole lot of sense to you, because this is my common, everyday miracle, but it's the kind of thing that sends my whole day spinning happy.

Which is one of my favorite things about myself–the ability to see and celebrate the extras in ordinaries.

Then, when I read today's quote, I just had to share it with you:  

"Today speak life, love, affirmation, truth or forgiveness

into the life of another,

something they're desperate to hear."


Sometimes it's what we don't say that often hurts the most; sometimes we hold back when we know there's something that needs saying, encouragement that will make a difference in the life of someone we love.

Don't let that be the case today.  You're likely going to spend time with family or friends and I hope you'll speak life into them.  

And then this little blog post can be an unexpected, very welcome Thanksgiving surprise for you, too.

YOUR TURN:  Are you a celebrator of Everyday, Common Miracles?  Would you share your stories with me?  And would you accept my challenge to speak life, love affirmation, truth or forgiveness to someone who needs a touch of your grace?  That will be their unexpected, very welcome Thanksgiving surprise.  

Happiest of Thanksgiving holidays to you, from me with l v e. 

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