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Pure Charity Shopping

Tsh Oxenreider aka Simple Mom is one of my friend-heroes… frienderoes?  Before you do anything else today, please take time to read her post, "Holiday Shopping?  Wait Just One Second," on how your ordinary spending can produce extraordinary results.


I don't agree with her every tenet but you should make time to read Sarah's piece, "happiness isn't that important." Juxtaposing personal happiness at the expense of another's misery, she speaks to parenting and culture at large.  Thought-provoking and pinching your toes.


A friend of mine has been writing letters to her teenage daughters; Shelly and I connect on a lot of levels–faith, same stage of life and similar parenting styles.  These letters are a great idea, touching on themes of peserverance, generosity, pressure…and more.  Read them; then maybe write some letters of your own.


Photo-55I'm been a fangirl of RedLetterWords.com for years; my love language is "words of encouragement," so OF COURSE I'm drawn to word art.  Their scripture section is 20% off today (Saturday), and a little bird told me to be on the lookout for these darling stocking stuffers (a personal gift from Dee) to be on sale later this week.


I wrote First Night/Last Night through a blur of tears; an emotional post for me.  What's funny is several people picked up on my Swiss Diamond frying pan shout out (asking me about it privately).  Seriously–I pour out my heart and tell a rambling story ten months in the making and people noticed that?  Which, actually is a great thing IF they decided to buy one…because I made eggs this morning and slummed with some Tefalon inferior wannabe (because mine is still on its way home).  And cried.  (Guys–this would make a GREAT gift for your wife if she likes to cook (or for you if YOU like to cook) and though it's not cheap, I've had mine about seven years and have never regretted its price.).


My new favorite blog du jour is seePrestonblog.com; the timing and truth-telling in when i live by revision is a good example why.


Photo-57If you live near Chattanooga, you have GOT to check out dishtpass.com.  My brilliant friends Amanda and Sarah have JUST THIS WEEK soft-opened their cooking school and catering company.  Reading their 2012 Holiday menu will get your mouth watering, and they're already filling their calendar with fun, delicous events.  Make plans NOW to stop by their Sip and Shop on the 18th, then thank me for the head's up on my new favorite, local business.  

I had a gazillion more links I wanted to share but accidentally closed out eleventy-seven tabs then lost and forgot 'em.  So…do share your favorites in comments!!


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