When I stumbled across this miniature nativity set, I couldn’t help but smile; it was the most original depiction I’ve ever seen.  Smiley wisemen?  How can you not smile, too?E4015166398b11e29f5b22000a1fbc74_7
It’s an Alessi Presepe Nativity Set, a high-end Italian manufacturer who fuses art with whatever they create.  I’ve had a crush on their kitchenware at my favorite local Bavarian shop, but it’s pricey and I’ve yet to buy; the nativity set is testing my restraint.

Then there’s the Fontanini Nativity Set of my childhood; I had no idea it was “nice.”  For me, its value is in its association with my mother.  Every year she’d set it out along with an Annalee Santa and Mrs. Claus (which I thought ugly then but appreciate now).  I’m glad my brother, her lastborn, inherited this set.



Clean and minimalist, Willow Tree’s Awe and Wonder Nativity is another of my favorite sets.  I’ve debated collecting the pieces for years, and when DaySpring offers a future, site-wide coupon, it would be the perfect time.


Willow Tree


If you have tinies in your home, the Little People Christmas Story Nativity Scene Playset is almost a must….  While I have a certain artistic affection for nice (read: untouchable) sets, I like the idea of children engaging the Christmas story by handling the characters.  If you only have a breakable, don’t-touch crèche, you might want to consider this investment.


Playmobil‘s is similar but more expensive, and I really like this Handmade Felt Nativity for little littles.

This Olive Wood Miniature Set is one children could handle as well ~


Olive Wood also has one made specifically made for children; so does Kurt Adler.

I used to want Lenox China’s Porcelain set, but though I still think it’s lovely, my tastes are less fancy than they used to be.


The most expensive crèche I could find well set you back thousands….


The Lalique nativity set is beautiful but costly (and hardly kid-friendly).

Lalique Nativity



But the most unusual of them all has to be this one…

Rubber Duck Nativity

the Rubber Duckie Ducky Duck Christmas Nativity Scene.

Some of these I’d buy, some of these I’d leave behind, but there’s no doubt which Nativity set is my favorite of them all.

It’s one of kind and priceless. ~ smile ~

Do you have a favorite?  Do share!!

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