Whipped Cream or Marshmallows by Robin Dance

Whipped cream or marshmallows? Is there really even a question???

In case you didn’t know, today is National Whipped Cream Day. Apparently there’s some controversy behind this most auspicious of occasions, but far be it for me to withhold celebration from one of my favorite things on the planet.  Held annually on Reddi Wip founder/Aaron “Bunny” Lapin’s birthday (January 5th), today I pay homage with a little verse.

A can of Reddi Wip might not provide the color and pagentry of my beloved Dunkin Donuts, but my undying love and affection is just as sincere.


An Ode to Reddi Wip

Come here my sweet darling

Please do what you do

When no one is lookin’

And it’s just me and you.

I’m glad that you’re different,

You’re good and you’re real

Creamy perfection

I can’t help but squeal!

Sacchariferous magic

No other comes close

The try but they’re fake,

Disgusting and gross.

In one hand I hold you

Bring you close to my lips

Close my eyes, open wide

My heartbeat, it skips!

That sweet sound you make

It’s joy, so delicious!

Low cal and real dairy–

You must be nutritious!

Whenever you’re near

Smiles abound, much elation

National Day in your honor?

A whipped cream celebration!!


Eating Reddi Wip Straight from the can
The propah way to celebrate National Whipped Cream Day ~ Reddi Wip straight from the can! #Dontjudgeme

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