There is no greater use of words than to speak on behalf of those who have no voice.


While I’ve failed to practice this to the degree I believe it in recent years, I’m convinced that any persuasion or influence I have is at its best when serving others.


There’s an opportunity to help an organization that is changing HISTORY for the lives of the young girls it rescues.  Mercy House Kenya, a small but critical ministry in Africa that takes in pregnant teenagers (rape victims), provides healthcare and education, loves them in tangible ways, and then equips them to live on their own.


I’ve cheered from the sidelines as I’ve watched my friend Kristen Welch, author of  We Are That Family, imagine this ministry following her blogging trip with Compassion International.  It’s a beautiful, inspiring story of how one person with a vision can change the world.


She would humbly shrug her shoulders and remind me that any success is the Lord’s not hers.  But let me tell you this, 12 mamas and their 12 babies are alive and thriving because of Kristen’s (and many others) determination and perserverance, washed in a sea of tears and overcoming challenge that would defeat most of us.


{in}courage, DaySpring’s online community for women is celebrating its fourth birthday by championing Mercy House and throwing our all behind Kristen and her tribe of warriors (her husband, Mauren, Mercy House’s director, among others).


Four years ago I had the distinct privilege of publishing a piece on the first day {in}courage was launched (along with Holley Gerth and Nester).  (Woah! I just realized that means I’ve written 48 posts for incourage…not to mention a zillion for Bloom book club….but I digress.)  I had no idea what I was getting into but it’s a “yes” that has blessed me personally a thousandfold, both for the challenge of sharing my faith and because of those I’ve met along the way (online and off).  


Phase1-Van_BlogButton_300x300Today I’m inviting you to Kenya by boldly asking YOU to support Mercy House.  Between now and Christmas {in}courage is partnering with Kristen and her team to raise $74,000 for five specific projects.


Would you please consider a LARGE gift (truly, any size gift 🙂 ) for Phase 1, a van to transport the moms and babies?


It’s very easy to give through Pure Charity, and I encourage you to please read more if you aren’t yet convinced.


So often you can’t be sure of where your contributions are going; but I assure you Kristen and her team are wise stewards of the monies that come in.  Nothing goes to waste and they need outside support.


In addition to your financial support, there are other ways to partner with Mercy House Kenya.

  • Pray for workers’ (and the moms’) safety, wisdom and vision for their future.
  • Share this post and about our fundraiser on your social networks (Facebook Like, Facebook Share, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon–any and all!!).


Thank you in advance for sharing your words, influence and dollars for the benefit of others.  Is there any better use?



 Keep track of our progress–looks like we’re over halfway there!!

WAHOO!! Phase 1 is OVER-funded–

THANK YOU for your generous giving!

Please stay tuned for Phase 2!!!





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