So, that last (somewhat melo-dramatic) post of mine?  A p p a r e n t l y premature publication gratitude to those of you who left comments or emailed me privately–it is impossible to express how much every word meant to me ~  trulymadlydeeply.)

My designer told me my blog would be going offline last week while she sent her blogging fairies in to pack up All Of The Words and move them to their new home…but then a technical troll barrelled in and wreaked havoc.  Sure, he may look cute, but it's a mean boy in a pink lambskin dress with pink Al Sharpton hair–all evidence he likes to stir up trouble.  I didn't realize until yesterday that my site is now slated to go offline Monday.

Which is messin' with me something awful.  The best laid plans of mice and men usually tells me who's the boss.  Not as much me as I'd like it to be. 

The planned outtage was perfect timing because I knew I was going to be on the road–

Last weekend I was in Nashville on the other side of the camera while Emily, Jessica and Angie filmed Bloom (in)courage book club videos for A Million Little Ways.  This will be my third study as DaySpring's Bloom Book Club Coordinator and this already is my favorite study (which is saying A LOT because I loved Bread & Wine and bought a bunch of copies for gifts)!  This book will give you new eyes to see yourself; I believe Emily speaks with great authority in A Million Little Ways because her message is God-inspired. 

It's emboldening me in important ways.

The beauty of an online study is you participate at your own pace; we upload videos of the author and hosts discussing the chapters, I write posts to companion the videos, and since they're always online, you can view and read when it's convenient.  If you've never taken part in one, pick up this book for under $10 at DaySpring (least expensive place I've seen to buy it) then plan to take part as we begin next week.  I'd love to hear your voices chiming in in the comments. ~ smile ~  Click here and scroll through the posts to catch up.

Definition of Wonder as a verbAnyways…wonder

Wonder is one of my favorite words because it is both action and object, a thing to do and a thing that is.  When I was sifting potential taglines for my new blog, I couldn't shake the strong, increasing sense of wonder I feel.  It's a curious thing, asking questions but not demanding answers, interested and engaged with all of life. 

Definition of wonder as a nounAs I mentioned a while ago, before I was a daughter, sister, friend, wife or mother, I was a woman.  It shapes how I process the world around me, and defines me in cherishable, esteemable ways. 

I settled on The Wonder of a Woman, fully intending "wonder's" dual meaning.  A thing that is and a thing you do. 

I wonder and I am a wonder.

So are you, girlfriends of mine.

Might we all embrace our mystery, charm, grace and complicated ways?  While all the while looking upward and outward with eyes astonished, ears poised to hear and hearts wide open? 

It will make a difference in your life.  It already is in mine.

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p.s.  I'm going to start playing the game of catch-up for #31Days, truly wanting to continue this series.  When the blog goes offline, it goes offline; until then, stick with me? 



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