Three books release today from authors I'm privileged to also call friend:

Though I received advance copies of all three, these will be books I'll purchase and pass along as gifts.  There are bunches of reasons to buy all of these–each book is special and important and carries a potentially life-altering message. 

I promise, that is no exaggeration.


Million-Little-Ways-by Emily FreemanThe subtitle of A Million Little Ways perfectly summarizes the content–"uncover the art you were made to live."  She invites you to see yourself as not only God's workmanship, but a poem…living art.

This is Emily's third book and I noticed something by the forth chapter:  this is the book where Emily's writing voice grows up.  She speaks with remarkable authority that took me by (pleasant) surprise.  

Her words here encouraged me in places I didn't even realize I needed to be encouraged.  In a very real sense this book gave me permission to lead out in areas I've been reluctant to pursue, and indirectly inspired my The Wonder of a Woman 31-Day series. 

Take 90 seconds to watch her book trailer and you'll be convinced A Million Little Ways is a must-read.


* * * *

One thing I appreciate about Pete Wilson's writing style is its accessibility; he doesn't talk over your head, he speaks straight to your heart.  In Let Hope In he explains our four choices:

  1. Let Hope In by Pete WilsonTo transform instead of transfer
  2. To be okay with not being okay
  3. To trust rather than please
  4. To free people rather than hurt them

LHILiveIG_tonightOnce we begin to see that we are always making choices; and by making healthy, intentional choices, healing can begin and everything changes.  Grasping the grace that God extends, the true hope that he offers, will not only make a difference today but forever

Pete is doing something really cool with his book launch today; tonight at 7:30 EST (6:30 CST) he's hosting a live online event.  He'll be joined by special guests Natalie Grant, David Landrith, Angie Smith, Mandy Hale, Plumb and a couple other surprises.  If you're near a laptop, tune in to watch and hear from Pete himself (and then you'll be itching to buy the book, too). 

* * * *

Audrey Bunny by Angie Smith_illustrated by Breezy BrookshireAnd then there's Angie Smith's Audrey Bunny, a beautiful children's story magnificently illustrated by the ridiculously talented Breezy Brookshire.  Angie's tender words combined with Breezy's whimsical images produce nothing short of a magical, modern-day classic.  Full of symbolism from Angie's personal story of loss and love, Audrey Bunny is poignant reminder that "God loves you and created you just the way you are".  This is a perfect gift for an expectant mother, a gift for children who love to hear stories, and for anyone who wrestles their imperfections.  List price is only $14.99 but it's currently discounted to only $8.99 at Amazon (not sure how long that price will remain, so snag a few copies while you can!). 



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