Beautiful friendship quote by Robin Dance

Recently, through a rather miraculous chain of events, the kind the unimaginative would call mere coincidence, I ran into the parents of a dear college friend

Mr. and Mrs. R. were my parents away from home and it's likely they altered the trajectory of my life.  Their hospitality, generosity and interest spoke "love" in buckets and their lives embodied the Golden Rule.  They were teachers by profession, but more importantly, by example.

Adding exponentially to the miracle of our "chance" meeting, were two facts:

  • I had been talking about them the night before to the friends with whom we were staying;

and the more amazing point to me–

  • Mrs. R., also the night before, had been reading a note from me tucked inside the cookbook my college roommate and I had gifted her. 

Friendship-love-noteWe were literally just miles apart, thinking about one another, after not seeing each other in well over 25 years. 

I celebrated our meeting by writing about it, and after Mrs. R. read my account, she took time to write a thank you note to me and share a copy of that sad little note I had penned to her so long ago.  I'm so thankful I had the good sense and writing etiquette to date it; the note bears testimony to the wonder of our friendship.

When one heart is knit to another in friendship's deep and true affections, neither time nor space can unravel their sweet connection.

What is it about women that we can pick up right where we left off, ending the time with those we love with commas and not periods, no matter the time between visits?  Is it that our hearts have muscle-memory and can bring current the feelings and affections we sowed so long ago?

The next time you find yourself thinking about a long-lost friend, consider the wonder that she might be thinking about you at that very moment.  Find a pen and write her.  Pick up the phone and call her. 

You might just find yourself right on time for a Divine appointment.


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