Great quote asking why we celebrate ChristmasAsked in church Sunday – not judge-y at all, and almost said in passing to make a different point – but which has had me thinking ever since.  My answer, no my response to my answer, is a game changer.

An important distinction was suggested when I shared this on instagram:  you can do both.  But if you’re a believer doing the lesser at the expense of the greater, might you reconsider your priorities?

The trappings of the Christmas season are almost unavoidable in our culture.  If you aren’t intentional, I don’t see how you can resist getting wrapped up in the celebration while relegating worship to a Christmas Eve service and maybe reading a devotional or decorating your home with Jesus-y art.  Or maybe that’s just my custom.  Again, this is no judgement, just a small, personal ephiphany I thought worthy of sharing.

But now that it’s on my periphery, I’m moving toward intention; maybe a few of you will, too.

Worship – our response to God  and a means of honoring and revering Him – is expressed by listening, speaking and/or doing; it can involve the mind, heart or body.  

Giving is one means of expressing worship.


For the rest of this week, I’m going to offer a way to worship by inviting you to give.  I had planned this short series of posts a while back, but in light of Sunday’s question, I see it as much more than opportunity to give to worthy cause; cheerfully giving is one way for me to meaningfully worship.

I can’t wait until tomorrow–and I genuinely hope you’ll join me.



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