Rainbow quote by Robin Dance

I read her words and they were hot embers to my heart–

they burned glory, only glory, but in my humanity, I received them as a vicious personalassault.  The enemy hissed lies and I lapped them up like a ravenous kitten, allowing them to press into tender places, old scars, fresh bruises.

“You aren’t as good as her.”  ”You can’t write as well as she can.” “Why do you even bother?”

It happens in a heartbeat, in an unguarded moment, when I’ve allowed myself to forget Whose I am.

Waves of inferiority crash over me, knocking me off certain ground, threatening to pull me under, into darkness, away from light.

And it’s 100% true:  I will never write like her.

That’s how the enemy of our heart works–he mingles truth with lies and wagers we’ll believe the latter at the expense of the former, because there’s just enough truth to lend credibility to the lie.


Or at least this is his modus operandi for me.

It’s effective, isn’t it?

You might not be a writer, but I bet there are ways your spirit receives a similar assault–

* * *

Comparison Quote by Robin DanceImportant and perspective-shifting, a message I hope you’ll continue reading,
When You Aren’t Like Her But Wish You Were.

{Rainbow image from  Thelma at Deviantart.com}





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