You’ve probably seen them by now, criss-crosses on the backs of your friends’ hands, a crimson blur on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram.  And maybe, just maybe, if you’re a cynic like me, you wondered what good does that really do?

I’m not a bandwagon jumper. In fact, I’ll turn tail and run the other way if I sniff a feeding frenzy on any cause that has suddenly become the darling for all the cool kids.  Celebrity endorsement makes my eyes roll til they’re practically falling out of my head.

Sometimes I can be stupid that way, making unfair assumptions and being a judgy-mcjerky-judge.  When good is being done in this world, do I really need to concern myself with whether or not it’s driven by altruistic motive?

While I’ve missed advance notice, I couldn’t ignore so many of my friends lending their support to the #Enditmovement today.  And rather than casting it aside altogether (my knee-jerk response to group think) OR blindly following friends I trust and respect, I decided to dig deeper and find out what all those red X’s mean.

Today is Shine a Light on Slavery Day, an awareness campaign designed to inform our understanding of current-day slavery in our country and beyond her borders. Twenty-seven million men, women and children are in bondage, and it’s happening on our watch.  

The problem rivals world hunger and our search for peace, and it’s enough to paralyze all of us to inaction.

But let’s not settle for that, okay? Awareness is an important first step, but the next step is critical:  Action

Let’s all agree to do something…because anything is better than nothing.

Learn more.

Find a cause to support.

Put your money where your mouth is.

Tell your own friends.

Does a red X really matter?




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