Every day of your life is a special occasion - Image by Robin Dance


What have you stuffed away in your closet or attic or drawers waiting for the perfect time to use it? What special thing of yours has been packed away, boxed up and long left forgotten?

The earrings that once belonged to your grandmother, that bring her to life in memory and heart when you wear them? That incredible dress that was made just for you, the one that makes you feel beautiful and confident and full of life? Or, my gracious, please don’t tell me it’s your fine china or crystal, the set you received a piece at a time and celebrated when you had four place settings then six and then eight (and for the luckiest 12).

What the heck are you waiting on?!

Are you afraid you’ll lose a stone out of jewelry? Or worry your outfit is too fancy for an ordinary date or girls night out with your friends? Or are you scared you’ll break a plate or glass?

One thing I’m convinced of in life, and I believe it applies here as well–

A decision made out of fear is never the right one.


The value in having a precious possession is not in the possession itself. Isn’t it much more so in the joy of using whatever it is for the purpose it was intended?

Jewelry and dresses are meant to be worn. China and crystal and silver are instruments of celebration to enjoy with those who mean something to you.

Remember lovies, life comes with an expiration date.


Your days are numbered. The average US life expectancy is 78.7 years. 28,725.5 days if you’re lucky enough to be average.

Why would you settle for using your Special Things only when the moon is blue?

Don't Save print by Mary EngelbreitBecause you think that diminishes their specialness?


Not using your special things is like ordering cake and deciding it’s too pretty to eat. Insanity.


To celebrate my 50th birthday, I wore my princess dress out to dinner with friends. Never you mind not a single other person was dressed in formal attire–IT WAS CAUSE FOR CELEBRATION. And really, isn’t there a point where you don’t care what people think BECAUSE MOST OF THEM ARE STRANGERS YOU’LL NEVER SEE AGAIN, anyway, and isn’t it a marvelous thought to imagine that your bold choices gave others a reason to smile?

Whether they’re laughing at you or with you, isn’t laughter the glitter of your soul? 

How can that be bad?

Every day of your life IS a special occasion. Being alive IS the special occasion.


So, please…tell me: How are you going to celebrate today?

Laughter is the glitter of the soul. Quote by Robin Dance

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