Around-About The Christmas Cookie Monster Edition by Robin Dance


Gingerbread Cookies Gone Wild (The title I gave Annie Barnett‘s post after the little darling showed picchas of her Gingerbread gals in bikini’s!) Got a cookie recipe to share? Need to find your next favorite cookies to bake? Grace Table has gotcha covered with a link-up at the bottom of Annie’s post. I want to make them ALL.

O Holy Night by Aliza LattaAliza Latta has more talent in her eyelashes than I have in my entire body. Please do yourself a favor and BUY something fun this weekend–she’s giving away extra Christmas goodies when you do (details here). Her prices are incredibly low, so stock up before she wises up and charges more!


Anna Rendell, a friend and incourage co-contributor of mine, has just launched her first book, A Moment of Christmas: daily Christmas devotions for time-strapped moms.  You’ll be encouraged and inspired by her beautiful writing, and I hope you’ll encourage her back by downloading a (very affordable) copy for yourself. Really, truly, it’s a heart-work of hers, and it will mean the world if you grab one.

Have you seen the Cicret Bracelet? Prepare to freak out from its potential awesomeness or its Orwellian incredibleness. Either way, don’t be the last to hear about this new gadget not yet ready for market. The video is a must see…
10 Reasons Why Handheld Devices Should Be Banned for Children Under the Age of 12 by Cris Rowan at HuffPo Parents. EVERY person in America should read this whether or not they have a kid under 12. Don’t skip this one.

What We’re Thankful For According to Our Facebook Posts. Because telling our family around the dining room table isn’t enough. Also? A state-by-state map identifying the #1 reason we’re thankful.

Three Things You Don’t Know About Your Children And Sex by Anne Marie Miller. Sometimes as parents we hear what we want to hear…but sometimes you need to listen to what you don’t want to hear. Don’t skip this one, either (Anne just finished a draft for an upcoming book that will go into more detail.)

Better-Days-Wooden-Square (1)Favorite release of the season? Shaun Grove’s Christmas Vol. 1. At $4.95, I hope you’ll buy it right now (Really, stop reading this post and BUY it!! Then, listen to it while you click through the rest of these wonderful and/or important links.)

Favorite song of the season? Cloverton’s Christmas rendition of A Broken Hallelujah…you’ll have it on auto play until the end of the year.

Speaking of music, have you heard of The Nostalgia Machine? Pick a year, any year (well, between 2013 and 1960), and then listen to the songs that defined it. I hit gridlock on Memory Lane.

Another Map one from HuffPo (Business this time), These 9 Maps Should Absolutely Outrage Southerners by Emily Cohn. And they do, at least this Southerner….

LitographsHave you heard of Litographs? Holyheck they’re the coolest thing I’ve discovered–tee shirts and posters with ENTIRE BOOKS printed on them! A PERFECT gift for every book lover.

Speaking of books, have you seen NPR’s Book Concierge? It’s a curated list of recommendations, year by year back to 2008.

YOUR turn: DO share your the favorite post you’ve written or read this week!


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