Update: I didn’t make my goal but I sure hope you’ll continue to give to my online red kettle. Because real people continue to suffer great need.  With BIG thanks to those who contributed this morning!!

The 1000 Dollar Gamble

Forgive me, but I’m betting against you.


There’s this running joke I have with my husband, when he suggests (read: knows…) there’s something I can’t or won’t do, I’ll vow to do that very thing out of spite.

I’ll spite-run that marathon…

I’ll spite-give up sugar indefinitely…

I’ll spite-learn to play golf.

The odds are usually in his favor.

The other day when I was with some friends, ringing the bell for the Salvation Army Red Kettle drive came up; remember when I had so much fun as a Salvation Army bell ringer last year? Those two hours busted every preconceived notion I had about bell ringing and made me a partner for life. I just wish I had begun volunteering when my children were younger so we could have done it as a family. The little post I wrote, 10 Things Salvation Army Bell Ringers Want You To Know has been shared all over the country and I’ve been heartened by the emails and requests for reprinting.

Well, I casually mentioned to my friends that the thought had crossed my mind to wear my princess dress when I rang the bell this year. It really HAD crossed my mind but I had dismissed it until…

Judi told me I was certifiable if I wore it. 

She said “they’d” come and get me and lock me in the looney bin, that I’d send potential contributors running the other way, THAT I WAS CRAZY FOR EVEN THINKIN’ SUCH RIDICULOUS THOUGHTS.

Enter my spite-motivation.

It sounded like a grand dare to me, so I told her I was going to wear it. The more she argued against it, the deeper I dug in my heels.

Except I really didn’t want to wear my princess dress for two hours in chilly weather at the Kroger in front of God and everybody. It was more a funny thought than anything (even spite).

Someone would have to PAY ME to wear my princess dress for two hours ringin’ that little bell…and then it hit me:


If I could raise $1,000 for the Salvation Army it would absolutely be worth it, regardless of my own personal s a c r i f i c e or discomfort level (including Judi’s diminished opinion of me). 


Yes, if I can raise $1,000 for the Salvation Army by people contributing to my Online Red Kettle, I will wear my princess dress when I ring the bell.


But here’s the catch: contributions have to be made by 1:30pm EST TODAY. We have only a few hours to get this done!

On one hand, I’m perfectly fine if we don’t reach this goal. I cannot imagine in my wildest dreams that enough people will contribute this much money in such a short period of time. I mean, I honestly don’t want to wear that blasted dress today. Outside. In public. Ringing a bell.

But if it DOES happen, the Salvation Army wins. And when the Salvation Army wins, PEOPLE who have REAL need win. 


Just don’t tell Judi, okay?

Ringing Salvation Army BellI’m grateful for donations in any amount! And if you’re seeing this AFTER the deadline for me wearing my princess dress, please still consider giving! No matter win, your generous gift will benefit another.

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