Lightning struck at the beginning of December.

Happy New Year - Jump

But before we get to that, let’s back up a little….

I’m a resolutions girl in love with fresh starts.


I want to believe that people can change, or maybe it’s more about hoping that I can change.

Regardless, January One begins a new book with 365 shiny white pages itching to get written, 24 hours at a time. We all feel it, don’t we? Even if you loathe the thought of New Year’s resolutions, you know a lot of somethings are gonna happen between now and this time next year – a mélange of good, bad and ugly. Experience tells us a fair amount of life this year will be beyond our control and wishes.

But those aren’t the things I’m thinking about today. I’m interested in paying attention to the things I can effect.

Remember Norman Vincent Peale’s familiar “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars“? I used to love it and I suppose I still agree with the heart of it. But I realized I want to land among stars. I don’t want one moon; I want countless possibilities.

Stars radiate, their countenance is light. The sparkle and gleam of a thousand stars preaches a thousand sermons and reminds me of the strength and power and dominion and majesty and goodness and glory of God.

So I like resolutions even when I don’t keep them. They’re positive energy, the hope for a better future, a mindset of continuous improvement.

I refuse to view unkept resolutions as failures, because even if I follow through only one day, that’s one day more than if I hadn’t done so at all.


To complement resolution-setting, I love the practice of choosing One Word as a banner over a new year, a single word to inspire and motivate and provide a framework for the days to come. And I like it best when One Word comes to me. Last year nothing really settled in my head and heart (not for lack of praying and trying to conjure one up…!); but in 2013 it came by way of a friend’s dream. That one’s effect still lingers.

My 2015 One Word struck like lightning almost a month before the new year. I knew it the way I want to know something so formative, and it’s more about an idea taking hold of me rather than the other way around. That’s when it’s best. It’s charged with meaning both obvious and not, and it’s simply unforgettable because if I find myself needing to remember, why I’ve already remembered…!

2015 One Word - Motto - Resolutions


Remember. My 2015 One Word and not just because I’m so forgetful.

I want to remember who I am and I need to remember Whose I am.

I want to remember how God sees me–

But it’s not just the God-sized things I want to remember, I want need to remember the daily, ordinary things of life–

  • the sound of my babies’ cry, their unmistakable footstep, their laugh, scent and voice. Come August, not one will permanently live under my roof again.
  • why it’s important, polite and right to reply to calls or texts or emails. Every one (spam email aside).
  • the Golden Rule. I sincerely want to remember at all times and in every instance how to love people well by treating them without regard to position, to be completely focused on the person right in front of me.
  • that my phone is a convenience tool, not a necessary interruption, especially when I’m with friends and family.

I want to remember the delightful side of blogging, the thrill of writing in the zone, why I prefer excellence over perfection. I want to remember to write more letters, to listen well and with those I love.

And I hope to always remember where I park my car and lay down my keys. <– These two are a little iffy.

It’s impossible to remember all the things I want (and need) to remember.

A phrase hit me about the same way as my One Word – Bam! I’m calling it my 2015 Motto…which immediately makes me think of The Lion King, when Timon and Pumba first sing Hakuna Matata, right at the 1:24 mark. I’m high brow like that.

You can already see what it is in my graphic above…tomorrow I’ll share why it is. In the meantime, enjoy Timon and Pumba for a hint of what’s to come…while Hakuna Matata isn’t my 2015 Motto, it certainly aligns with it….


Your turn: Do you have a One Word, motto or resolutions for 2015?
DO share your intentions for the new year!

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