Had I not had a house seriously overflowing with family last weekend, this week’s Around/About would have been shared then. The beautiful thing about the internet is you can visit blog posts, well, forever, and the words I’m about to share are relevant whenever you read them.

A group of bloggers have just returned from the Dominican Republic, where they visited the local Compassion International field office and several of the local projects and families who benefit from its programs. I had the incredible privilege of traveling on a Compassion blogging trip to Calcutta five years ago, and I remain convinced it’s one of the best organization of its kind.


Sponsoring a child through Compassion is one of the most meaningful things you could ever do, especially if you involve your school-age children. Not only will they gain an international pen-pal, but they’ll see the world through an incredible lens – that of hope despite unimaginable poverty – and they’ll also be blessed as they bless another through their letters. It’s a beautiful way to teach them consideration of others not just in theory but in practice.

Here’s a link to Compassion Blogger highlights from the week, but I hope you’ll take time to visit the entire team. You’ll come away inspired, and I hope, ready to sponsor a child.


Bri McCoy, Compassion Blogger Trip Leader

“…We say yes. Yes. Yes. A thousand yeses. Wondering if it will unfold into some…something.

And then one day. A day that seemed like it would be just a day, breaks open like a piñata you’ve been swinging at for years.

Today was that day for me. I’ll never forget….”

From Not Just a Day || Read all Bri’s Compassion trip posts


Bonnie Gray, friend and author of Spiritual Whitespace and blogger at Faith Barista

“…A college educated man or woman in the Dominican Republic is not exempt from the poverty.

Corruption.  Luis tells me, looking into my eyes.  Government corruption. Political corruption. Jobs are paid for — by relationship.  Who you know determines whether poverty becomes your address….”

From Why Love is Not a Consolation But a Light   || Read all Bonnie’s Compassion trip posts


Lisa Leonard, friend and founder of Lisa Leonard Designs

“…When Steve and I asked Josefina to tell us how life is different now that Hilde has a sponsor through Compassion. Her response was, “Everything is different.”

So we pressed for more specifics.

“Can you give us specific examples of things she has now that she didn’t have before?”

This single mom with deep dimples and tired eyes, responded, “Now she has shoes. Now she has food to eat. Now she can go to school.”

Oh. Wow. We let it sink in….”

From The Lump In My Throat  ||  Read all Lisa’s Compassion trip posts


Holley Gerth, friend, incourage co-founder, blogger and author of a BUNCH of books

“…We all have the same mission: love. And yet how we fulfill it varies with each one of us. God will use your strengths, skills, gifts, experiences and resources to touch the lives of others in ways only you can….”

From There is Always a Way to Say “I Love You” || Read all Holley’s Compassion trip posts


Ruth Soukup, blogger and author of Living Well, Spending Less

“…I think sometimes we neglect to act because we wonder if what we have to offer could ever make a difference in a world full of so much need.  But this is your chance. I can’t tell you every family’s story, but I can tell this one.  You may not be able to save the world but you can make a difference in the life of one family….”

From Breaking the Cycle of Poverty  || Read all Ruth’s Compassion trip posts

Amazing trip photography by Mike Varel, Digital Storytelling (all images in the above collage from their Flickr pool).



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