Friends Quote by Yeats

One of my all-time favorite quotes is by Yeats:

There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven’t yet met.

It makes me think the world is a lovelier place simply because people are waiting to be known and understood.

On the best of occasions, something special happens when I talk with strangers: like what happened when I had a conversation with another mom at a soccer game a few weeks ago.


Do you remember my friendship post a few weeks ago that featured the darling picture of Hello Kitty cowboy boots on it? Well, I noticed the mom of the little girl in my photograph sitting nearby at my son’s soccer game. At halftime, I pulled up that post on my phone, inched over beside Michele, showed her my phone and asked if she recognized the picture.

Her face illuminating with recognition is my favorite kind of paycheck.

“Those are [my girl’s] boots!” she exclaimed, the way all mamas notice everything about their own children.

I (somewhat self-consciously) explained I was a blogger, and that her daughter and her daughter’s new friend had inspired my writing. What happened next I never saw coming

“You’re a blogger?! Do you like beef? she asked rather intensely.

Me, unsure of what I just heard, “Yes…umm, excuse me…?”

“Do you like beef?”

It sounded like the woman was asking me if I liked beef.

Me, like a dull-witted fool, “Beef…?!”

Michele, spelling s l o w l y, for the apparently remedial student, “B. E. E. F. Beef!”

“Well, sure…”

“Would you like to write about it?”

and she had gotten my attention.

Turns out Michele works for the Georgia Beef Board (and the Georgia Cattleman’s Association). May is both National Beef Month and Georgia Beef Month and they’ve had their eye out for a writer, among other things, to support the 30-Day Protein Challenge. I explained that my husband and I were Whole 30 enthusiasts and that I had learned the importance of a high-protein diet through our participation. Now beginning my fifth month of Boot Camp, I also know I HAVE to have plenty of protein to sustain this kind of fitness program.


I’ve quickly turned down writing opportunities that don’t make sense to me, but this one perfectly aligns with my current lifestyle. Friends and family ask a lot of questions about what it means to eat within Whole 30 guidelines, and though we aren’t adhering tightly to menu restrictions right now, I believe a high protein, heavy veggie diet is best. I feel better when I’m eating accordingly.

The next day, Michele connected me with Suzanne, the Director of Industry Information & Public Relations for the Georgia Beef Board, and she and I discussed the possibilities for promoting the 30-Day Protein Challenge.

Who knew it could be so fun talking about beef?


Every Wednesday this month, please join me for what I promise will be an interesting conversation about health, lifestyle, and how you can easily add protein to your diet. You’ll learn a thing or two (I have in preparation for this series) and you might even find the motivation and inspiration for establishing some new, healthy habits (I sure hope so).


 Plus, there are prizes!

Georgia Beef Board Giveaway May 2015

3 lucky Georgia residents (or readers who can shop in-state/gift certificates are redeemable only in Georgia) will win:

  • $100 Beef Certificate (good for all types of beef at your favorite grocery store)
  • 2 pot holders
  • 2 bumper stickers
  • cutting board
  • rubber can opener
  • cookbook
  • BBQ sauce
  • apron

And they have an extra prize pack for anyone in the continental US with everything listed above except the $100 certificates (sorry, those are only spendable within the state…).

INITIAL ENTRY COULD NOT BE MORE SIMPLE: Simply comment with your hometown (city and/or state is fine). After you complete the initial entry requirement, you can enter as many times as you like, leaving a separate comment to note your entry method–

  • Sign up for the 30-Day Protein Challenge (<–my favorite way for you to enter! Sign up then leave a comment telling us you did. We’re all about the Honor System.)
  • Additional comments about what interests you about this series, why you’d like to win the giveaway, what you hope to learn, asking questions related to a high-protein, lean beef diet…any ol’ comment that relates to this series.
  • Tweet a link to this post.
  • Share and/or Like this post on Facebook using the share buttons below
  • Any kind of sharing on your social networks–even emailing friends :).

Don’t be scared of signing up for the 30-Day Protein Challenge! You’ll receive a short email each day loaded with information, tools for improving your lifestyle and simple tips that really make a difference. The time investment is minimal, but the benefit is maximal.

(Is that a word? It is now.)

So giddy-up, friends! Sign up for the 30-Day Protein Challenge. Leave a comment. Invite your friends to take part with you. Then you won’t have to ask “Where’s the beef?” because I think we’ll all already know!

30-Day-Protein-Challenge Graphic

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