Greatest Takeaway from the 30-Day Protein Challenge

Today is the last in my four-week Wednesday series for the and I figured it’s as good a time as any to admit the truth:


I haven’t followed it as faithfully as I hoped to, and at times I’ve let my daily emails stack up for days before reading them. 

If you measure success as reading every email as it arrived, and then following through with each daily challenge, then I’m a miserable failure.


B u t….

If you measure success by eventually reading all the emails, learning new information, understanding how protein factors into my health and well being, paying attention to what I eat and how I feel when I make good choices (including but not limited to increasing my protein intake, most often in the form of beef), then I’ve been a star student and raging success.


Here’s the greatest takeaway for me: having enough protein in my diet is essential for optimal health.


And my first choice for protein always seems to be beef–an amazingly cooked filet, perfectly prepared burgers on the grill, or when I plan in advance, a crock-pot roast and potatoes. Because I’m such a meat lover, it was great to learn that beef has more protein bang for your buck, calorie for calorie. How wonderful when preference aligns with healthy nutrition?

The introduced me to new recipes and dishes – beef, certainly, but also with other great protein choices – and the short, daily emails (regardless of whether I was reading daily, or several at a time) always provided healthy ideas and inspiration.

I stumbled across these Protein Facts for Kids when researching information for this series, and I appreciate how EASY it makes it to understand the benefits of a diet rich in protein. Protein is the second most plentiful substance in our bodies, and it affects or has effect on our energy, cellular repair, muscles, organs, blood, bones, hair, fingernails and skin. Too much is not a good thing, but I’m guessing most of us overeat a lot of other things before protein.

Anyway, I decided to challenge myself another fun way–to see if I could write a poem about protein. Apparently, once I got on a roll, I kept going, soooo, without further ado, let’s end this series on an artistic note.

And, in my book, if you can write a limerick about protein, you have risen to a different sort of challenge.


A Protein Poem

Listen and learn and soon you’ll discover

The source of joy and true wealth;

Family and friends and faith, yes these,

But also important, your health.

Taking care of your body is a wise choice to make

If you hope for a life full and long.

Exercise daily (or something like that)

You’ll soon find yourself fit and strong!

Equally key – what you already know –

Is how you handle your diet.

Nutrition is king if you want to live well,

About this I cannot be quiet!

I’m joining a Challenge for 30 days straight

Where I’m learning a lot about Protein

Eggs, beans and chicken, yogurt and pork,

But my favorite is beef when it’s lean.

Protein helps in so many ways–

Vital when cells need repair.

Muscles, blood, organs and bones

Skin, fingernails, even your hair!

Sign up for the

Soon enough you’ll see as I do.

Adding more protein is simple

And you’ll feel great while caring for YOU!


The Amazing Protein Limerick

There once was a blogger from Macon

A Protein Challenge she found herself takin’.

30 Days she did eat

Protein-laden red meat

For dessert, a slice of crisp tiramisu steak-on.

Taking a little liberty with poetic license, yes? Apparently more protein does wonders for your creativity, too.  ~ smile ~

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