A great idea to share

Sometimes, in a burst of inspiration, you come up with an idea that’s too wonderful to keep to yourself.

For almost a year, I’ve been saving something special for (in)courage: a beautiful way to encourage your children or friends who are working for a summer internship or volunteering with a short-term missions trip.

The idea originated last summer after my daughter had accepted an internship in the Philippines. Working with the Center for Community Transformation, hers was a three-month assignment. It’s not forever, but when you have to travel almost 24 hours to get to your kid, days feel the equivalent of eternity and each mile is always just out of reach.

Though this was a gem of an assignment and her eagerness and excitement uncontainable, I knew there would be a point (and probably several) where homesickness would seep in. And even with today’s wondrous blessing of the internet, her location would make email and Skype unreliable and unpredictable.

Even snail mail could be a challenge. Since her time was divided between Manila and a small village, a typical week-plus delivery could turn into several. Plus, even a small package was expensive. Still…


Please keep reading Love Notes, my June post at incourage, for a twist on the conventional care package. If you have someone living, interning or studying abroad, the post & comments will give you some GREAT ideas!

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