Friends, if you loved 1000 Gifts or/and you’re a fan of Ann Voskamp’s writing, she’s giving away if you pre-order her new release, The Broken Way, by TONIGHT. Buy three (or more) copies, and you’ll be entered to travel with Ann to Africa “in a life-changing, empty-bucket list kind of trip.”

I bought three :).

Although the book releases tomorrow, I received an advanced copy. It’s digital, though, and I’m a slow reader if I can’t flip paper pages.

If you’ve read any of Ann’s lyrical prose, you might understand how some people would have a hard time not being able to underline, star, highlight, heart, exclamation point, and smiley face a lot of those paper pages. It’s not only beautiful (so far), it’s affecting – soul and heart – and I can’t wait to get a hard copy for a proper read.

Anyways, tout de suite! Grab your copies today; then let Ann know so you can take advantage of those bonuses.

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