“Fat Robin,” my first attempt with watercolor last year. See? I need Emily’s class!


With Thanksgiving (and Christmas!) just around the corner, there’s a good chance you’re going to be spending time with family and friends, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll be looking for something fun to do when the table is cleared, you’re on a tryptophan high, and you’re over all the football on TV. Have I got a wonderful solution for you! Taking one (or both) of Emily Lex’s online watercolor classes, either or . Already reasonably priced, you can save an extra 25% using my affiliate code ROBIN25, now through December 1.

Maybe you saw my first attempt at watercoloring . Regardless of my skill (or lack thereof), I LOVED IT! I swore as soon as I finished writing , I’d get back to it again. And then I finished , and let life be the boss of me, and all my supplies have been languishing in a drawer, begging to come out and play.

So, when I stumbled across Emily’s courses this week, I decided it was a SIGN FROM GOD to exercise my creative muscles again. Honestly, I need the basics, so I’m perfectly happy taking the ; when you learn a new thing, it’s okay and probably best to own your ignorance. Why do we often get frustrated not being good at something we’ve never attempted, or at least never practiced? That’s absurd! I also plan to take her , too, because, well…I’m a grown up.

Emily has planned some bonus lessons for these classes in celebration of Christmas–


For the kids class, in addition to 10 coloring pages, this darlingDARLING reindeer:


And for the big kids, adorable gift tags!

Another great aspect to Emily’s online classes is they have unlimited access. No start or end date–whenever it’s convenient for you.

If this doesn’t sound like your cup of tea but know someone else who would be thrilled to take these classes, you can also purchase gift certificates! What a fantastic gift to receive!

DO check out Emily’s classes ( or ) for more information,
and DO use code ROBIN25 to save 25% off the purchase price!
But don’t wait–the discount is only good through 12/1/19.



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