For All Who Wander released into the wild yesterday. After a two-year gestation, its labor couldn’t have been more beautiful. At the end of my life I will remember the beauty — the magic — of a nearly perfect day brimming with uncontainable love and affirmation. I spent my waking hours in the company of people who’ve carried me in prayer, word, and deed throughout the process. Friends whom I consider a pile of sharpening iron, North Stars who point me to the Way. Family, who knows me best and loves me anyway.

I’m still perched atop of Cloud Nine, scurrying to get all the things done that must be done today (What? There’s still work to do?). But I wanted to pop in here to say THANK YOU to those of you who have purchased the book (and companion Journey Guide), and taken the time to email, message, text, or call to encourage me with your stories.

And I wanted to introduce you to Prancy, the Prancy, who is mentioned in the book. To know her is to love her, and I couldn’t wait to put a book in her hands! She is fierce in her faith, and her light burns bright.

And, last, I wanted to welcome new friends! I’m so glad, so very thankful, you’re here! I’ll share more in the days to come, so please subscribe to my site for occasional updates before you leave, and be sure to find me on Facebook. I can’t wait to know you better.

More to come…the next thing is begging my attention literally as I type!!




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