Well, I cannot WAIT to tell you about some incredible, unbelievable-to-me news about , except…

It’s going to have to wait until after I announce it at our (aka book launch party) happening on Saturday.

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In case you aren’t in the loop, For All Who Wander: Why Knowing God is Better Than Knowing It All released on the 14th, and I’ve been fueled by joy and adrenaline ever since. Reviews have been beyond encouraging — did you see of my writing to Jen Hatmaker’s? — and it’s an odd and humbling thing to hear one account after another from readers telling me how this book is impacting them. I keep telling friends and family that God keeps on showing up and showing off. It is so much better to get behind His glory rather than trying to hog it. Mercy, I was cuckoo pants for thinking otherwise. 

The two things I’ve heard repeatedly? That it’s relatable and feels more like a deep conversation with a dear friend rather than reading a book (which makes me doubly excited for the audiobook to release). To say I’m thankful for this “get-to” opportunity is like saying Everest is a nice mountain. Stories of God’s redemptive work in our lives and in this world are stunning.

There are two great deals going on if you’re thinking about picking up a copy for yourself: Amazon has For All Who Wander on sale right now ), and DaySpring will include the Journey Guide, a wonderful companion journal with guided questions, for FREE with your purchase (a $10 value).

With the news I’ll soon be sharing, you’re going to want a copy of the book, if you don’t already have one. Might as well go ahead and take advantage of the savings while they last, right? Bargains = winning!

I can’t wait to share thoughts and pictures from my surprise Word Weaver writing critique group celebration, my release day luncheon hosted by my dear friend, Maribeth, and lots of pictures from our upcoming launch party. DO sign up for those updates, mmm kay?




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