I had almost forgotten about my plans for tomorrow until a reminder popped up on my phone: I was scheduled for a For All Who Wander book signing at a nearby Books-a-Million. Apparently, I had failed to delete it from my calendar when the store manager messaged to let me know we’d have to postpone it.

The cancellation came as no surprise but, of course, I was disappointed. We had chosen the date very deliberately. During the entire month of May, my book is featured as one of Books-a-Million’s book club selections (for their Faithpoint category); also, it was perfect timing for book-buyers to pick up a gift copy for Mother’s Day giving. When my publisher let me in on that opportunity, I couldn’t believe it! Though I’ve been writing online 15 years, despite contributing to over a dozen books, it was an unbelievable honor as a first-time other to be selected!

We’ve all suffered loss during #quarantine thanks to #COVID19 #Coronavirus #shelteringinplace, and I realize in the overall scheme of things, my loss is small compared to those who’ve lost jobs, their livelihood, rites of passage (high school and college seniors), freedom, and in the saddest cases…health and life. But to pretend our losses aren’t valid because they “don’t compare” or are “too small” to matter, isn’t the right response, either. Every loss and disappointment matters to us as individuals because it’s the truth of our reality. There’s no reason to feel guilt or shame because your loss isn’t as “bad” as your neighbor’s.

I know we’re over it all. I know we’re weary, frustrated, angry, sad, and sometimes all at the same time. But I believe we win when we choose joy over all the junk. And, despite the pandemic-riddled world we find ourselves in, I’m on a daily pursuit to find #dailyjoy (even #ridiculousjoy) because I promise you, once you start looking for it, once you decide to choose it? You WILL find it. As a believer, I trust what we read in scripture, “the joy of the Lord is my strength.” In Him, we can always find joy.

Every author-friend I know has suffered loss; books sales, speaking engagements, travel-related promotional events. At least my book released before this pandemic gripped our country, so I was able to keep most of my early scheduled events. Collectively, we’re all trying to figure out how to support and encourage one another and promote each others’ important messages and words. And starting soon, I’m going to begin a series entitled Author-friend Fridays where I introduce you to four authors who’ve released books in 2020. And, rather than take advantage of using my affiliate links to encourage book sales, I’m inviting them to use their own; when you purchase any of my featured guests’ books, you’ll be supporting them in a small but tangible way. I can’t wait to get started!

It may sound odd, but today I’m shyly AND boldly asking you to support my work. If you haven’t yet picked up a copy of For All Who Wander and/or its companion Journey Guide, would you do so today? It’s an easy and engaging read for anyone who’s struggling in their faith (or has, or someone you know who is/or has), and reviews consistently say it’s very relatable and reads like you’re having a conversation with a friend. It’s a double-bonus if you purchase either book through Books-a-Million so I can support them for supporting me, and right now you can save 15% by using the code MAYCLUB20 🙂 (or, you’re welcome to click the links through my book page to see who has the best prices right now).

And, do be sure to check in here often because soon we’ll begin our Author Friend Fridays. It’s gonna be great! Happy May, y’all…it’s going to be beautiful.



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