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Have there been struggles in your life where you didn’t have a safe space to process, work through, or even discuss them? Do you have relationships with family or friends marred by unforgiveness, differences of opinion, or underlying complexities that seem impossible to resolve? Have you ever just gotten “it” wrong with someone you care about?

Well, Tuesday, November 1st, a book the (in)courage team has been thinking about and praying over for years officially releases, and it delivers what it promises. Help in hard places.  Come Sit Wit Me: How to Delight in Differences, Love through Disagreements, and Live with Discomfort tells the real life stories of broken hearts, fractured relationships, unmet expectations, shattered dreams, and ordinary disappointments and frustrations that most of us experience over the course of our lives. Relatable, engaging, and brimming with truth from scripture, Come Sit With Me is special because it points you to what you really need: the life-saving, transformative grace, wisdom, and mercy found in Jesus. Without resorting to Christian platitudes and never preachy, Come Sit With Me brings together a diverse sisterhood who has walked in your shoes (or a similar pair).

As I mentioned the other day, I wrote a chapter for the book. Though the event that inspired it was uncomfortable to re-live, I can trust that what God taught me will be of value to others. From Chapter 18, “The Question That Changes Everything” —

“Everyone who loved Daddy…all had different opinions about what was best for him. We didn’t always agree, and having conversations about his care often felt like navigating a war zone. Tiptoeing around land mines is exhausting.

“I remember one afternoon when I was venting to my husband, frustrated and angry that my [dying] father’s choices … were impacting my life in maddening and inconvenient ways. Never one to tell me what I want to hear, Tad’s response was jarring but effective….”

The title of my chapter was based on my husband’s response to me, and if you’d like to know what it was, you’ll need to order the book :). But, well beyond my chapter, you’ll be inspired and encouraged as each writer shares a very personal experience and how God worked in and through the circumstance. Every chapter I’ve read conveys Biblical truth and beauty; I’ve been challenged and reassured by how God knows, loves, imparts wisdom, and deeply cares for His daughters.

If Come Sit With Me sounds like something you’ll want to read, pre-order it before Tuesday’s release! You’ll receive two wonderful gifts when you submit your purchase information here.

GIVEAWAY ALERT!!  I’m giving away a copy of Come Sit With Me to one of the lucky commenters over on Instagram (Every comment means another chance to win)!!

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