Fabrege Egg Google Doodle

An Ode to Google Doodles

They're King of the World

Alexa says so

Much to Mark Z-berg's chagrin.

I've figured it out, I know what it takes

For Google to squeak out this win.

  First Day of Spring Google Doodle 2012

Hot in pursuit, top ten on the list:

Facebook and You Tube and Wiki

Amazon, Yahoo, Twitter, three more–

Oh, the internet's web is so sticky!

Grandparents Day Google Doodle

'S'not just about brains

the others have those

#1 demands that you're clever.

Creative and artsy, yes these are a must

if you stand a chance whatsoever.

  Teacher's Day google doodle

So, why is it Google sits on the throne

the King of internet traffic?

I'm convinced it's their doodles, they make searching FUN–

Brilliance captured in graphic!

   Anna Pavola Google Doodle

: : : : : : : : : : : 

Sometimes interactive, often historical, occasionally cryptic but always witty or whimsical, Google Doodles make me smile.  I'm always a little disappointed when it's the plain ol' Google search box, but I suppose it makes me appreciate doodle brilliance all the more.

It's the little things…right?  

Do you have a favorite doodle that made a lasting impression?  Search through the Google Doodle museum and share your favorites!!

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