Two of my favorite bloggers-turned-authors are Emily Freeman and Annie Downs.  

Our paths first crossed over four years ago when I met them at She Speaks (a speakers/writers conference); there was something about both women that drew me to them, they're the type friend who instantly makes you want to spend more time together.  A year after that, the three of us would be invited to write for a new, faith-based women's site, making it easy to stay connected.

Fast forward to now and it's time to

cue the confetti & streamers:

Emily and Annie just released books on the same day!

And if you have daughters, you need to head straight

to your favorite bookstore and buy them!

Graceful:  Letting go of your Try-hard Life, Emily P. Freeman 

Graceful (For Young Women): Letting Go of Your Try-Hard Life


Pefectly Unique, Annie F. Downs

Perfectly Unique: Praising God from Head to Foot


Annie and Emily speak with authority, having mentored and cultivated significant relationship with young women, tween, teen and older.  They have insight and wisdom worthy of your time.  I can't speak more specifically yet–both books are sitting bedside, next in queue–but based on what I've already read from these ladies, I'm 100% confident in endorsing their work.  

If you'd like to "try before you buy", read the reviews attached to the links above or simply read  Emily's and Annie's blogs.  It won't take you long to fall head over heels with their writing voices.  

And, oh, my–how could I almost forget?  Emily has a wonderful, unique trailer for her book!  I love how she tells a story with these beautiful images….(do click through to see it full screen).

Note:  I'm grateful to any of you who use the Amazon affiliate links above, provided for convenience & to line my pockets with pennies.




On another note, you know how when you have a conviction or revelation about something, and it's reinforced over and over and OVER?  You might see a related news story or a passage in scripture or a particular book or even on TV or in a song or heaven forbid a brilliant quote on Facebook? 

Be Still, Lisa ChanThat's happened recently with this call in my life to Be Still.  First, I feel this check in my spirit; then just for me Lisa Leonard created jewelry with that message; and then I discover Lisa Chan has produced an entire video series around the discipline of Stillness and True Beauty!

Yep, me thinks God might be boinking me on the head with this….

When I was approached about reviewing the intro to Lisa's series, I almost said no.  But because her husband's (Francis Chan) book Crazy Love had some beautiful, important things to say, I agreed.  

Lisa's vision for the series came after a romantic getaway was interrupted by life and she was "forced" to be alone for a period of time.  If you have no idea what it means to Be Still, this is a great place to begin.



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