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Around About - Christmas Jammies Edition


What?  You haven’t seen the new Coke ad about parenting during the early years? Remedy that, pronto.

They weren’t the photographs typically seen when President Obama was in South Africa for Nelson Mandela’s service, but they tell a better story than the ones usually shared.

Family First, Product Second.   When a company is paying attention to its customers, it’s refreshing to hear a co-founder tell a customer just what they’re committed to.  HT: David Griner (two weeks in a row)

Kids Who Get in Trouble Grow Up to Be Entrepreneurs.  Have a child prone to “modest misconduct”?  It will probably serve him well.  One day.

Got a kid in high school?  Consider their options with these 10 of the Best Jobs for the Future.

The Fall of Christmas.  I like Jamie TVWM for a lot of reasons and not just because she knows how to drop a well played “effing” in a post about Christmas; sometimes it’s a Merry Sad Christmas, indeed….

On last week’s Around/About, I shared the viralist thing on the internet; this week I’m sharing the one I shared on Facebook when it had only 800,000 views; now, it’s at 12 million and still climbing.  If you haven’t seen it, you have got to watch #XmasJammies.



Your turn:  What have you written or seen that’s not to be missed?  DO share! 

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