…and "Smart Girls Think Twice".

Jan Silvious makes me wanna be a Big, Smart Girl.

Jan joined Patsy Clairmont and Anita Renfroe during the pre-conference, "I Second That Emotion", at Atlanta’s Women of Faith event.  What a trio–their ability to mingle laughter with substantive, Biblically-based teaching is reason for their mass appeal.  They love the Lord and they love sharing His truth with women.

The author of ten books, Jan speaks practically and with authority–she’s exactly the "slightly more mature" woman I’d love to have in my life as mentor and friend; I guess from afar, she is.  She’s the one who’ll tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.  Over and over again in her writing (and speaking), Jan calls women to maturity–to put your big girl panties on.  Though I don’t recall details (the downside of not taking notes), Jan reminded us why emotions can’t govern your decisions. It’s easy to sense in Jan’s messages her desire for women to make intelligent choices, not to give in to futile or self-destructive choices.

Whether or not you’re able to hear Jan in person, you can pick up her books.  Read one and you’ll be compelled to read her others (for convenience, I’ve listed several choices in my Amazon favorites)!

P.S.  Though she hasn’t gotten in the habit of updating often (yet!), Jan has thrown her hat into the blogging ring.  Be sure to visit, subscribe, and when she updates, you’ll be the first to know :).

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