The most compelling stories told are those that penetrate heart deep and begin their haunt at the telling.  But they don't end there; you hear them over and over in your mind's ear, their truth begging your response. 

If you weren't able to follow along daily with the Compassion Blogger's trip to El Salvador (for me, with a full week of work and other demands, I only was able to read in bits), I encourage you to read amazing stories of lives impacted forever.  Those who gave…and those who received.  You'll be inspired!

"It's literally like they live in a very small cave. But they had such
pride and joy on their faces. Their smiles were so huge. It just shows
me that material things mean nothing…. And I have found that the poorest people of El Salvador are SO close to
God – probably because He is ALL they have."  ~
Continue reading Kelly's account of Compassion's Child Survival Program (she met a woman who has 15 children who lives in a ONE ROOM house with NO electricity or running water! 🙁 ).

6a00d8341cdb9853ef0120a675d251970b-pi "And then it happened. She broke. She began to cry sharing the fears she
had about letting us into her house. (On a side note, all I could think
of was… She is afraid of letting ME in her house? Umm, she is the one
with the gang experience!) She explained that she was certain we would
look down at her because of her having the tattoos and her past. She
could not believe what I said about being the same and equal. And that
was my moment. I knew God used me to share his love for her. I did not
plan those words. They just came out, but they went straight to her
soul. It was a moment where God came and met her where she was."
~ continue reading Heather's account of how "WE ARE NO DIFFERENT!" than those living in poverty who receive love and support through Compassion sponsorship.  Photo credit:  Keely Scott

"My first day of interacting with people on the receiving end of Compassion has been nothing short of amazing—their stories, their homes, their openness to our presence, their excitement for Compassion and the effects it’s had on their families. My heart is somehow broken and full at the same time. Sorrowful, yet always rejoicing." ~ continue reading Molly's first post that introduces you to many of the children she met.  Faces filled with HOPE.  Be sure to read through all of Molly's posts and you'll discover one that Shaun Groves called "Possibly the best post ever written on a Compassion Bloggers trip," high praise from a modern day hero. 🙂

I don't suppose you're ready to sponsor a child, are ya? How can you say no to this face??

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