"Can you follow directions–can you really follow directions?"

Biltmore Estate forest

It wasn't so much a question, repetition and tone suggested gentle insistence.  I hesitated before responding because I know something about myself–

Sometimes I think…

I'm smarter than the directions….

or that my instinct is better…

or the directions couldn't really be right, could they?

I'll make a decision based on feelings or perception or, worse, arrogance (ouch).   

"Y-e-e-e-s," I faltered, my inner Honesty Police betraying a lack of conviction.

"If you will trust me, if you'll do exactly what I tell you to do, you won't have any problems."  

* * * * *

Ooooh, what am I talkin' about??  Please click to continue reading "Trust and obey ain't just an old church hymn" over at (in)courage to find out! 

Secret Hint:  I discovered a beautiful picture of faith while being schooled in a Land Rover Driving Experience at Biltmore!

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