It had “random” and “coincidence” written all over it–-


I had finally remembered to take an ancient picture to Walgreens to have it duplicated and enlarged, something on my to-do list for about a year. Ready on Tuesday, I couldn’t get there untilWednesday.  While I waited in the check-out line, coming out of nowhere at the speed of blur, a friend of my son’s tackled him in a ferocious grizzly hug.  At the moment I was studying the back of his head to determine who it was, I glanced up and saw his mom, a friend of mine I hadn’t seen in ages.

We started the game of “catch up” and then decided to continue our conversation over lunch the next day. Cheryl and I enjoy each other’s company immensely, but it’s rare for us to find the time to get together.  With different circles of friends and our only connection school, as our boys have gotten older and we’re on campus less, it’s “work” to see each other.

Do you know what I mean?

Over lunch, conversation gushed like water from hydrant–time was not on our side. Without saying it, we knew it would be a long while before we had this chance again.

Long after the time we had agreed we needed to be done (the “importance” of our errands was fading), Cheryl matter-of-factly asked, “Did you know I had cancer last year?”

I was stunned; this was the first I was hearing about it.

* * * * * * * * *

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