DSC_0599 I'm not good at asking for help.  I'm almost as bad at it as receiving a compliment!  

I'm happy and eager to be a helper to you, and it's as natural as breathing to give compliments to others, it's simply hard for me to be on the other side of either.

But today is my birthday, and lovies, it has been a GREAT day.  

{In a minute, I'll tell ya how much I need YOUR help :).}

It started with middle kid bringing me chocolate before I was officially awake.

Then my delicious-smelling husband kissed me good morning and brought coffee to me before I was officially awake.

And THEN my daughter took my breakfast order, freshened my coffee, and returned with TWO English muffins so she could join me because "no one should eat birthday breakfast in bed by themselves."

Last, my sleepy, taller-than-me-DAGGUMIT-youngest-son galloped into my room to lavish me with hugs.

By this point, my awake was official (what exactly does that even mean?), with All of this happening before 6:30 am, delightful foreshadowing of GREAT things to come. 

I shan't bore you with the details of My Very Good Birthday-Day, suffice it to say it's been a happy one.

I don't need or want a blasted thing, but I really, really, REALLY wanted to do something for someone else in honor of my birthday; right about the time I was thinkin' on that, I learned about Birthday Wishes for Facebook Causes…and lots of yada-yada-yadas and badda-boom-badda-bings later, I created a Wish to honor Mercy House.  

Mercy House is the heart-brainstorm of my friend Kristen (We are THAT Family), a fellow (in)courage and Compassion International blogger, but mostly a dear friend.  Because the ministry organization is in its infancy, they're in crucial need of financial support.  

I'm not going to explain further here or add a lot of links to confuse you, but I'm asking you to at least read my Birthday Wish and consider giving; my goal is ten times my age, but I wanted to make it 100 times!  Had I thought of this earlier, I would've set that loftier goal….

Thank you, sincerely, in advance should you decide to click through and give or share this Cause.  I'm honored and humbled by those who've already given, and for anyone else who might decide to join this very worthwhile initiative.  

When I click publish, I'll be at 38% of my goal…and I'm SO hopeful and shyly optimistic…that some of you reading will go to the trouble of fishing out your credit card to help me reach–or exceed?!?!–this goal.

Every dollar you give is icing on my day…and that, my friends…is…magically delicious!!

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