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There’s something mesmerizing about the way a creek flows…constant, relentless unapologetic, purposeful; a one-directional wanderer, an effortless meander, masterful sculptress slowly chiseling banks and boulders.  Imperceptible erosion or violent torrent, eventually she’ll carve them into something new, change their appearance, soften edges, alter course.

Time is a river.

Time is constant, relentless, unapologetic, one directional; sculpting me into something new, changing my appearance, softening my edges, altering my course.

I’m astonished when I think about natural laws; the way different things are so similar.  My DNA has remained constant my entire life, and yet I’m hardly the same person I was when I was born.

Heck, I’m not the same person I was last week.



My daughter was three when my mother-in-law asked me if I was interested in hosting a Mother-Daughter Valentine Tea Party.  She didn’t envision a one-time affair but an annual event, culminating in a “Sweet 16 Party,” the one where we’d finally invite boys.

Sarah grew up in another time, where you were something if you had a television, and then only black and white.  Families had a single phone–black, corded and rotary dial. When you wanted water your only option was tap, and if you liked it cold you’d crack ice from metal trays.

She met Tommy at The Sweet Shop when she was 14 years old and it was first-sight love for both. They were innocents in the best of ways, and though he sowed an oat or two they made good choices and hard decisions and nearly 60 years later they’re still together.

When they look at each other you can still see their love…my God, you can almost feel steam rising.  Once he had the audacity to look at her with hungry eyes and tell her You look luscious right in front of me.

Peering through circa 1950s rose-colored glasses my mother-in-law imagined her granddaughter’s Sweet 16 party in 50 shades of pink.

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WHERE in THE world am I going with this one?  Please click to continue reading at Deeper Family. It takes a while, but I think I pull it all together, to show how long it can take to figure something out….